I’m in Fiji!!!!

Bula! Hello!

Yes, today I left the freezing cold (there was hail in Melbourne, sharp temperature drop in Sydney) land of Oz for the tropical island paradise of Fiji. On the plane the pilot announced the temperature in Fiji (29°C) - Karolin and I breathed sighs of relief and smiles broke out. After a rather intense period with Margaret the travel agent, expert on the eastern islands, we settled on an itinerary and got a lift to our hostel.

I love the smell of diesel and humidity! It is the smell of pure happiness! It is the smell of Ghana, and I guess of most other developing countries. It reminds me how to be friendly above all other things, if that makes any sense at all.

We had an excellent dinner here at the hostel. I sated my insatiable appetite for pineapple juice - no pineapple has come close to satisfying me since I left Ghana. Here it is wonderful again. We ate bananas with our desserts and felt rich.

Tomorrow Karo and I are heading out to the Yasewa Islands, then to the Mamanucas. We probably won’t have internet access until the day before we head back to Oz. But I’ll be sure to send post lots of photos when I get back.

If you haven’t checked in a while, there are some new photos in the gallery. A few from Sue, and a bunch from last weekend’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibit. The sculptures were pretty amazing, and the photos aren’t that shabby either. It was also Budi and Ziv’s anniversary of becoming friends. Budi gave Ziv chocolates. Ziv said he was going to give Budi flowers, but then didn’t. He bought him lunch instead. It was very cute.

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  1. Luminess Mimiru Says:

    BOO!!!! you stink! actually you rule! your my idol! Next time I’m coming with you! LoVe You!

  2. the Mum Says:

    Fiji sounds terrific…looking forward to photos…

  3. Lucy Says:

    Are you back in Oz yet?

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