Rocky the Fish

So every weekend here in Sydney we make up a “Weekend Plan”. It can be as little as going for yumcha or watching a movie. Or it can be as big and elaborate as a road trip to Port Stephens. Last weekend we had a birthday party for Roland and Ziv at Ziv’s ‘lab’ - his research has to do with pumping applications of solar energy, so he has a pool in the backyard of a university-owned house as his ‘lab’. (best. lab. ever!). So I convinced Ziv to let us have a pool party there, and we’d help clean the pool after over a month of not being cleaned due to him being in Israel.

The party was a lot of fun. Highlights: Elsa’s baby Sophilia, Jenny cooking Korean-style pork belly on a George Foreman, and the gifts: Season 1 of Boston Legal for Ziv, and a Chinese Fighting Fish for Roland (a.k.a. a Beta fish). The fish was my idea, thank you, and here’s Roland’s response:
Now I will give you a quick update on our new friend “Rocky” (yes, that’s the fish’s name!). Rocky made it home safely, although a little lonely. My nieces were quite excited by the fish too! But me, my brother and my cousin had a meeting and we decided that we’ll train this fish to be a champion! In order to achieve that, Rocky must have a high-protein and high-carbohydrate diet. Unfortunately, small fish and tadpoles are not easily (and freely) available here in Sydney with the lack of open sewers. So coinciding with the arrival of summer, we formulated a special diet for Rocky consisting of mosquito larva, termite alates and live worms. This will make Rocky strong, colorful and very intimidating to potential challengers. Rocky will also soon move to a new home in the form of a tall jar so that he can polish his swimming skills and have longer breath for future duels. Rocky indicated that he’s looking forward to his first fight with a worthy opponent.

So it looks like there may be more beta fish as gifts in the future. We also got busted by UNSW security about 5 hours into the party. It was awesome. We’ll be doing it again sometime in the future for sure!

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