Quick Update from Mars

Hello all, sorry it’s been a while from me. When Sue has two posts back-to-back before I write again, I know it’s been too long.

So what have I been up to? Engineering Week. I volunteered for this thing back in June. The last week of August I was given the task of planning and implementing the whole thing on behalf of the PV department. So I did. Between that and tutoring, I’ve been working over 50 hours a week. Not including the PhD thing. That’s just paid work. So, things are back to normal! I’m only allowed to work 20 hour weeks, according to my visa, so I’ve already worked my way into November. Eventually there will be a school break and I’ll catch up to my ‘future’ work enough that I’ll have all my pay sheets handed in.

Other stuff? I made solar cells! Okay, dye sensitized solar cells from a kit we ordered from the States as part of the EngWeek activities. But they worked! Who knew you could make solar cells using raspberry juice?

And I SAW DOLPHINS!!!! So cool! Pics are in the gallery. All out of order, and mostly unlabelled, but I’ll get around to that eventually. It’s the Port Stephen’s album.

Budi left for China on Tuesday, Ly and Stuart are going next week, but on a much happier note, Ziv’s coming back! Tomorrow! The bad thing about having so many international students as friends is that they all leave. It’s going to be sad after Christmas, when Karolin, Elsa, Deo and Helena all leave. Sigh. But Ziv’s back! Hooray!

And I got Joe and Benita’s wedding invite in the mail yesterday. Exciting! And for those of you who haven’t heard, Kristy and Marty got engaged! And that should interest all you David’s people too - my friend Kristy Rolston from uni met my friend Marty Buller from high school out in Alberta several years ago, started dating, now they both live out there and are getting married! Exciting again!

Miss you all! Enjoy Oktoberfest!

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  1. Ra Says:

    Solar power from raspberry juice?? whabba what who how?

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