Last Day in Broome

Well the time has come to say goodbye to the small shire of Broome. I leave tomorrow morning with a group of seven backpackers to travel down the coast. We are going to take about a week or two to get down the coast to Perth stopping to see the sights like Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Shark Bay etc… should be good. I am sad to be leaving Broome I have made some amazing friends and working at Zanders has been wonderful. Last night they took me out for dinner and drinks which was very nice and they gave me a going away present - pearl earrings!!! I am now a classy backpacker cause I have pearl earrings. So today I am just shopping for tent, getting over my hangover and heading to Cable beach for one last soak in the sun (cant go in the water anymore as there are too many jellyfish). I am going to try and get some pictures posted soon. Time is just flying by in a month I will be reunited with Casey in Melbourne getting ready for our New Zealand adventure! Take care
Love Susan

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Sounds like Broome was just a wonderful place. Remember as Mr Hatashita used to say one of the safest places for jewellery is wearing it.

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