Small World

I was working today and a group of four people walked in. The one man was fully decked out in Canada gear, the hat and a shirt about how Northern Canada rocks. So I sat them in my section and got them some water, asked them how long they were on holidays for and what part of Canada they were from. Turns out they live out by Sports World and are in Broome on a cruise. The one man owns the construction company that does all the construction for the University - Small world eh. At the end of there meal they asked for a picture with me, very lovely people. I am leaving Broome in a week and heading down to Perth (the big city), leaving the small shire of Broome. It’s been a great experience here working as a manager at Zanders and I have meet some wonderful friends, and lets not forget its always sunny here so I have a great tan going on.

Miss you all
Love Susan

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Miss you too! It certainly is a small world..

  2. dad Says:

    We’re visiting tonight with Conrad, Mickey and Mac Dover, all friends from university days. We’re looking thru the photo’s especially the one’s from Chinese New Years and your visit with the So’s. Take care Love Dad.

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