So this is the plan, I am heading down the West Coast the middle of October and will end up in Melbourne. November 20th Casey and I are going to fly to New Zealand do to some much needed camp/tramping and extreme sports. I will then fly from New Zealand to Sydney on the 14th of December to stay with Martha for Christmas and New Years - Sydney is suppose to awesome for New Years. Then the exciting trip home starts on Jan 5th, Martha and I are flying from Sydney to Singapore, then traveling through Malaysia and Thailand. Back to Singapore on the 19th and arrive back in Toronto on the 20th/21st of January
Time sure does fly
See ya’ll soon

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  1. the Mum Says:

    I will be checking with Joanie about Thailand. There are parts you should definitely avoid. I believe they run a tourist business so I’m hoping it works out.

  2. Agata Says:

    I couldn’t find a place on the “Martha thesis rant” page, or maybe I’m a knob, but…
    your printer rant was hilarious! Who would have thought printers could be so complicated? Maybe once that’s squared away you’ll be able to move on to that thesis thing:)
    Did you ever get any free stuff from the company after writing your angry letter?

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