Stories from Broome

Well, Sue hasn’t sent an update in a while, but I talk to her on the phone quite often and will share a few of her stories with you now.

As you know from her last post, Sue is now a manager at a bar and grill in Broome. It was the Cable Beach Bar & Grill, but they’ve recently changed their name to Xanders. To be more klassy. Sue says it sounds more like a strip club now.

Well, Sue lied on her resume to get this job, saying she had waitressing experience. I guess the rest of the staff has a lot of fun laughing at her mess-ups behind her back. One of her first: she was serving two people ice cream sundays, and accidentally dropped one ice cream sunday on top of the other, destroying the sundays and getting ice cream all over this one lady. She went back to get more, and by the time she got back with the new ones the man she was serving was so impatient and angry that he ripped the ice cream sunday out of Susan’s hands and started wolfing it down as fast as he could. The lady beside him actually jumped in her seat and backed up, he was eating so violently! The lady who had ordered the other ice cream sunday insisted that Sue not worry about it, she could eat the destroyed sunday, and then did. So Sue ended up with her own ice cream sunday out of this whole debacle.

My favourite mess-up of hers was when she was serving a guy some pancakes. She picked up the pancakes and a bottle of syrup and put them at his table. He put some syrup on the pancakes and started eating, then called her back saying that they were awful. Turns out she had given the guy malt vinegar instead of syrup! So she had to get him some more pancakes, and real syrup.

Since Sue’s been stationary in Broome for a while now, she’s made some friends. A girl from work and her went out and got ridiculously drunk the other night, falling over drunk. Another night her and a few people from work went out to a bush party. The guy driving didn’t even leave for the party until 1am, and they got stuck in a bog on the way and had to push the car out, so I don’t think they even arrived at the party until 3am. Sue and one of the other girls were exhausted after a few hours, so the guy drove them home around 6:30am, then turned around and went back to the party! And he was working at noon the next day! Or rather, later that day. Sue was working at 2 in the afternoon, and they were both wrecked. And that day there were several surprise quits - one of the cooks, one of the washers, and someone else, all quit that day, so it was a lot of work for the people left (who hadn’t slept the night before). Wrecked!

Other things Sue’s been up to: fishing. Some of the guys she works with go out fishing a lot, and apparently last time they caught a shark! They threw it back in, but yeah. A five-foot long Lemon Shark. I looked up Lemon Sharks after Sue told me this, and they don’t appear to live anywhere around Australia. All around the west Atlantic and Carribbean, and off the west coast of Central America, but nothing in Australia. But anyways. They caught one apparently.

So that’s most of the interesting news from Sue. Laters!

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