I have been working in Broome now for about a week and the job is going well, I really have no clue what I am doing since I have never worked in the restaurant business. I did get a promotion the other day which is kinda big since they offered me full time and to do some managing on a salary of 37,000.00 dollars a year haha. Of course I took the job and then asked what does that work out to be per-hour cause they know I will only be working for a couple months. I also get a free meal which only managers get, I kinda feel bad cause other people have been their longer but they are also backpackers and will be leaving sooner then me, but as you know my plans change daily so who knows. So I have a place to live which is working out well, there is a horse that lives across the street and about 15 camels that live next door - I was wondering why it kinda smells like a barn out side and now I know. Broome is a very small town mainly a tourist place for cotton-tops, the guy who lives next to me took me around to show me the town, took only like 20. The next day I was wondering why I never saw Chinatown? well apparently I did see Chinatown it just there are no Chinese people or Chinese food- hmmmmmm. Casey is coming to visit in September so that should be good fun, can’t wait. That’s about it for now my life is work and sitting on the beach, what a life - i love oz.

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