Steals and Deals in the Beijing Silk Market

So today we went to the most craziest market I have been to so far… the silk market. It looks harmless from the outside - it’s just a large building. But once you get in the sales people go nuts yelling at you to come in and see their stuff and if you don’t listen they will just grab your arm and pull you in. It’s true. We saw this 6′ white guy get dragged into a booth by a very small, but very strong little chinese woman (martha also had a similar experience but I pulled back harder and won).

Some of the deals we got were on DVDs - Mary and Lucy you will be happy to know we bought ourselves each a copy of veronica mars- the best part is that on the cover her head is imposed over a stripper type body which is totally funny looking haha.

other dvds, Narnia, Amelie, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, bowling for columbine, king kong, wedding crashers, and coach carter. - So mom and dad dont buy these.

Steals were on the two pearl necklaces and an earring set for around $8.00 canadian and they are very nice, real and pretty. Martha also got a good deal on pearl earrings to match the necklace she has back at home. Some friends also got shoes for around $8.00 and also raw silk for $25 enough to make a very nice dress.

What a great place for deals, but man are they pushy and over-charge by like 1000%. They will say like, ‘ok i give you a good price….$420..just for you friend’ and then we give them our price of $50, usually get it for around there (this is in chinese yuan currancy).

Time to hit up the dumpling place for dinner - Tomorrow is the long train ride back to HK, another sleepover party with 4 random chinese people in a space the size of a closet.

peace out,

SL & ML (aka “Trouble”… but that’s another story)

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