Japanese Weekend

Okay, I’m actually back in the ‘Loo now, but last weekend was an awesome weekend, so here’s a little synopsis with pictures.

Saturday, City2Surf training, then sushi for dinner, and then karaoke!

Florence and Tim gave by far the best rendition of “Love Shack” that I have ever heard! Tim and I did a pretty good Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” cover as well. But Florence still wins best song of the evening in my books.

Sunday, sushi party at Tim & Ziv’s, complete with make-your-own (vegetarian) sushi, tea pouring ceremony, and Japanese movie watching. The tea pouring ceremony was researched by Roland, performed by Ziv, and took somewhat less than the specified 4 hours which these things are supposed to take. And may actually be Chinese. But who’s counting.

Mars makin’ some sushi…

Drinkin’ some tea…

And makin’ some of Michelle’s chocolate coffee brownies with Jamie and Jenny, ’cause how can we have some sort of potluck event without the famous brownies???

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  1. Stu Says:

    mars that looks like a good party - love that ziv is in your house coat lol

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