Broome Time

Well Nath and I have sold our Sweet Sweet Ride for the special price of $1500.00 which is pretty good since we only bought the car for $900.00 and it needs a new muffler. This past weekend we went to a cattle ranch with Luke the mechanic that fixed our car and who’s place we are staying at right now. We took a couple four wheelers out and went pig shooting on the ranch. In the area their are wild pigs and they destroy the ground making it useless so they shoot them. Kinda weird  being a vegetarian going pig shooting but its a once in a life time kinda thing. Not many people are allowed on cattle farms and we got to see wild pigs, wild horses, buffalo, cows, dingos, cordials, and kangaroos. Luke and his friend Pete ended up killing 6 pigs and a couple kangaroos which they take the meat for the dogs as some of the pigs have TB and are not really good to eat any more. It was an awesome weekend and we got to see the country side, shoot some guns and drive a 4 wheeler. Now we are going to do some camping in the national park in Darwin and then I am going to head to Broome and Nath is going to Cairns so another adventure is about to begin.

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Trying to imagine my vegetarian shooting a pig! Happy you made a deal on the car. Great news. Thanks for the update.

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