Forza Italia!

Roland has been pulling for Italy to win right from the start of the World Cup, so he very much wanted to watch the finals on Norton St., the heart of the Italian district of Sydney. It was pretty awesome! Ziv and Roland came over to my house about 11pm, slept until 2am on the couches, then we caught the bus to the city. We arrived in Norton Street a bit before 3am, and the place was on fire! Figuratively. But sort of litterally as well. The street had been shut down, there were thousands of people, and the police and the fire department were on hand just in case they were needed. Big screens were set up along the street to watch the game, flags were flying everywhere, people were setting off flares and fire works and fire crackers. Pizza shops and bars and cafes were open all night. We had a blast! We stood in the dark for 4 hours watching the game, an hour early to get a spot in good sights of a screen, 2 hours for the game, then over time, then the shoot outs. It was intense. But as the shoot outs went on, the sun was rising and the pink and gold of the sky mixed with the red from the flares was stunning, and the people were ecstatic. I was trying to think how we could possibly have a Canadian equivalent, and realized that Edmonton winning the Stanley Cup probably could have done it. Oh well. It was fun celebrating with the Italians. Check out the gallery (last page, ’cause Gallery’s giving me issues) for some crazy Italian soccer fan pictures like the one below:

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Wow did that look like fun!

  2. Michael Says:

    “I was trying to think how we could possibly have a Canadian equivalent”

    We do have a Canadian equivalent - Little Italy and Corso Italia in Toronto. The celebrations for Italy’s win were probably bigger here than in Aus.

    great photo.

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