Great Wall- The Secret Wall

Beijing is cold- today it is snowing, which is very pretty. The hostel that we are staying at is very nice, we are in a 4 person dorm room which is working out well. The hostel is like a 5 min walk to Tiananmen Square and there are street markets along the way- which is where i got an awesome down-filled jacket for$15 Can- awesome steal.

China is a great place for getting deals so far I am loving the shopping- but still no digital I am on a mission for the best price.

So, yesterday we went on a tour of the Great Wall of China- our tour guide spoke no english and was an excellent climber compared to the rest of us. We drove 2 hours to a small village where we meet and family and our guide who took us along the Great Wall- this was a not a novice walk as we were climbing mountain cliffs and sliding down steep hills. the view was AMAZING- everyone must experience this once in their life times.

Out little Chinese guide lead us across a not so frozen part of the water where martha, the guide, and an australian fraser all broke through the ice and were up to their ankles in water- ** The guide thought this was freaking funny and couldn’t stop laughing at martha and fraser - haha.

the hike lasted about 4 hours of mountain climbing, climbing the guard towers, and walking on the frozen river- not a soul in sight. just us and the mountain.

We walked back to the families house where they cooked us and amazing lunch with 6 or 7 different dishes. They didn’t speak english but wanted to know where everyone was from, they LOVED the digital cameras - seeing themselves in the pictures.


time is up and we have to get going- we are both having a great time.

Till next time, Suz/Mars

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