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Off to Beijing

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We are on the move again. Since we didn’t get enough travelling yet we have decided to do a 25hr train ride to Beijing in a sleeper train. In Beijing we are staying in a hostel for CDN$5 a night which is a steal to me….but we will see what it is really like once we get there.

Hong Kong has been great so far, a good transition in preparation for mainland China. HK has English signs and most places also have English translations too which has made things a lot easier.

The markets have been interesting as well- so far I have bought this really cool swiss army watch set… turns out to be a total fake and it will always be April 9th on it…oh well. I guess it’s more about the fun of trying to talk a sale down.

We went to the jade market where there is a lot of jade and a lot of people selling the same type of jade. I did get a nice necklace which Mars talked the lady down on which was awesome.

Oh, yesterday, me being the avid hiker/camper, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to go for a hike to the peak [I also thought it was a good idea -M]. This hike turned out to be more of an iron man mission to make it to the top, who knew that climbing up a mountain at about a 45 degree incline for 4 hrs could be so much fun - haha. So the hiking here is on a whole other level. I was just glad I didn’t have a canoe on my back. The views along the way were very nice and the huge houses along the way were amazing, the one appartment had a putting green in the backyard, sand trap and all.

But, we made it to the top where there was a shopping mall and a McDonalds so we got an ice cream [ice cream from McDonald’s here is CDN$0.50, and the McFlurries are just under a dollar, so we’ve been eating a lot of ice cream -M] and took the tram down to the bottom. [It was a bit anti-climactic to get to the top of the mountain and find a mall. But I guess it is Hong Kong. -M]

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