News from the ‘Loo

Steve & Anne’s wedding was incredibly fun! They’re off to Cape Breton Island now for their honeymoon. Check out the Gallery for some pictures of the event. The most fun wedding I’ve ever been to.

Random Canadian news:

  • There’s a black bear on the loose in Waterloo Region, but no one can find it now
  • Edmonton has lost 2 heart-breakers so far in the Stanley Cup Finals
  • No more smoking in public buildings in Ontario. Period. Woo hoo!

Back to Sydney this afternoon. The maple syrup and hockey stick are packed. The Crown will be bought at the airport. Take off, you hosers.

2 Responses to “News from the ‘Loo”

  1. Dad Says:

    Where were you when you posted this update? Mom was tracking your flight to Oz and we figured you were in Hawaii, did we get it right?

  2. Mars Says:

    I was actually in my room in Canada. I know it says posted on Friday, but I actually posted it on Thursday. I blame Geeky. I think the wedding photos are the last album too, for some reason, if anyone is looking for them.

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