The Tassie Top Ten (according to Mars)

10. This is the only part of Australia that actually has 4 seasons. Right now it’s fall, and lovely.

9. Kraft Dinner, for the first time since I left Canada!

8. King Solomon’s Caves - imagine what the caves in Helm’s Deep would look like (we kept saying that everything was so amazing it was “like we were in a movie”. Are movies better than real life now? But the scenery was seriously amazing. Tassie is more like NZ than Australia apparently, hence we felt we were in LOTR all week).

7. The Henty Dunes near Strahan. Try to imagine seeing ocean, desert, boreal forest and mountain, all in one picture. It’s very bizzarre.

6. Wombats!

5. Ranbows! Everyday!

4. Never paying the advertised price for anything - taxis, vans, campsites. People just loved knocking the price down on things. If you stood there chatting long enough, they’d probably make everything free.

3. The climb to the peak of Cradle Mountain.

2. Fairy Penguins. Although apparently it’s politically incorrect to call them that now.

1. Tassie radio - the tagline for the new Paris Hilton perfume is “Why beat men off with a stick when you can just beat them off?”

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