Great Ocean Road

Nath, Mel and myself did the Great Ocean Road of Melbourne last weekend which was a blast. We rented a car which was ruby red so it was a good start to the weekend. I now know how to drive on the wrong side of the road and how to do round-abouts, but the weird thing about driving in Melbourne are the right hand turns from the left hand lane- a little confusing (I asked the housemates after the fact). So the Great Ocean Road is kinda like driving down the coast of Cali, lots of turns and its just beautiful driving by the Ocean. We didn’t have the best weather as it was kinda dull, rainy and super windy, but we got to see all the sites like the 12 apostels. The first night we ended up staying at a hostel in Apollo Bay but instead of staying in the hostel we just setup tent in the backyard (cheaper that way). Turns out in the middle of the night that it decideds to really storm, we thought the tent was going to blow away. But after a sleepless night in a wind storm we continue our journey and stop Port Campbell for lunch weird this bus of Chinese people pulled up and started feeding the seagulls- I guess they hadn’t seen them before. But the seagulls started to get aggressive and attacking them so they ran for it.

The second night we went to Port Fairy to find a place to stay- we knocked on this one b&b that had rooms available, the lady took one look at us and told us she didn’t have room for three people.

So we ended up going down the road and stopping at the angler club- surprise they had the whole cottage available!! so we stayed at the angler club, which was right on the water. We went into town and got some bait and fished off the dock- Dad you would have loved this place. Nath caught a fish but it got off the line just as she was bringing it up-so close. Instead we went to the fish market and got 5 different kinds of fish to try- so yummy. Also, Nath ended up find $170 in a drawer so the weekend ended up being paid for its self !!!Overall an awesome trip.

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