Random facts so far:

Distance travelled by plane: 15,350 km

Distance travelled by car: 1,850 km

Interesting animals seen along the way: Sea lions, elephant seals, harbour seals, whales

Cities we’ve stopped in: San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel, Lucia, Santa Barbara, New Port Beach, San Diego, La Jolla, Hong Kong.

Strangest food eaten so far: Desert moss (very tastey has a mushroom type taste),

Chicken feet - the whole bird is cooked and put on a platter- also black in colour not really sure why?

Bird’s nest (which is the reguratation from birds which people eat….)

Oh ya Pidgeons also a delicacy, not sure why it is such a treat for people since there are so many around. The birds are sooo small it doesn’t even look like they have any meat on them.


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  1. Agata Says:

    So I talked to Rita, a chinese girl who works next to me…
    Bird’s nest is good for the skin. Also good for you if you eat it before giving birth as well. Most chinese women do.
    it’s considered a delicacy, because hard to get. Sort of like Escargot or fish eggs.
    People in South East are crazy about it.

  2. Agata Says:

    Hvae you used the public bathrooms yet? Any comments?

  3. Ruth Says:

    Hey Girls,

    We are back from China now. Sorry we didn’t meet up but it sounds like we had some similar experiences. Strangest food: Sheep’s penis (displayed in picture laden English menu. Next to it on the meni was the scrotum (another picture). Dont’ know why they weren’t served as the same meal. Yum!Yum! Love the blog!

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