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Travel Time

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Well it is time to leave the lovely neighbourhood of Footscray and move onto Sydney. Nath, Mel and myself are doing the Great Ocean Road this weekend, we have our car rented and I bought a tent today so it should be awesome. On Monday Nath and I are meeting with our new travel friend for Tasmania. This is the story of how we found our new friend…

So the other night we went to an information session at Peterpan Tours - the best part was that they gave us boxed wine lol. We didn’t see anything that really suited to our budget of no money so we decided to put  posting on their notice board of anyone that wants to come to Tassie with us and share the cost of renting a car. Well turns out this french guy who is brown (dont worry kish) name Yusief wants to travel Tassie as well. So we meet him at this little bar just to make sure he wasn’t to creepy, turns out he weighs like only 70lbs so Nath and I will have no worries, he is also kinda funny in a weird french way. So the tickets are booked, we are taking the Spirit of Tasmania (ship) over to Tassie and then flying to Sydney… Should be an interesting trip.

I will post pictures once I get back to Martha’s place in Sydney.


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