Apollo Bay and Rugby 7’s

¬†Last weekend I went to Apollo Bay with Casey, Tacey, and Lea. Tracey has an awesome cottage right out side of Apollo Bay you could actually see the ocean from the back deck (but it still wasn’t Lake of Bays). We hung out on the beach and enjoyed playing the waves, Casey may or not have lost her top a couple times. Casey and I want and collected shells along the beach, I found a couple pieces of glass along the way to I picked them up so no one else would step on them. As we walked along Casey found a clear piece of glass that looked like the bottom of a bottle- turns out it was a jellyfish, as she reached down to pick it up I told her it wasn’t glass but not to worry if it stung her I would pee on her hand lol. After a lovely day on the beach both Lea and I were totally fried haha. We decided to grab a $10 box of wine and go out for dinner. We went to this little fish and chip take away place (did you know you eat fish and chips with your hands include the huge chunk of fish) as we were enjoying our meal Lea asked what kind of fish we were eating, Tracey replyed Shark.

Note: both Casey and myself have a little phobia of getting eaten by a shark.

Thus, Casey replies “Oh, how the tables have turned” - I lost it. Best line of the trip as it was so true and made the meal taste so much more satisfing. On the way home we stopped and went on a search to find Koalas and Kangaroos as I haven’t seen any yet. We stopped by this camp ground and Lea spotted a Koala sleeping in a tree. SO CUTE. I will be posting pics soon. The rest of the drive home we very pretty as we drove along the coast, reminded me very much of California with the Ocean right their beside you.

Rugby 7’s

So last night I went to the Rugby 7’s which was awesome as our seats were about 6 rows from the front! Kies you would have loved it. The first couple teams were blow out games, Sorry Kish but Sir Lanka can’t play rugby. The All Blacks stood up to their rep as the best team as they kill their opponents. Canada did pretty good as well, losing the first game but¬† winning the next two- we were all decked out in Canadian Gear. The place was pretty packed and people were really into the game, getting a little tippy from the beer. Overall an awesome experience and I cant wait for the field hockey on Sunday should be a great game CANADA VS AUSTRALIA. GO CANADA.

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