What am I DOING? week

So, it’s Tuesday, and this week is already shaping up to be somewhat hellish. Mostly because it started shortly before 4am in the wee hours of Monday morning, and has sort of gone a bit out of control from there. My flatmates have odd schedules, which include taking & breaking showers at 4am, needing me to deal with the fall-out, my sore throat has escalated to tonsilitis or strep, and I have to go downtown to make massive changes to my visa. The good is that I’m in lab training. The bad is that a girl in my lab went to the hospital for some sort of chemical burn this morning. I went to a research student welcome tonight for the free food. They were talking about different services and kept harping on the counselling services. Then one of the speakers said “Look, all of you should be paying attention to this bit, because each and every one of you are going to have at least one major break-down trying to finish your PhD!”. I had mild homesickness yesterday. It’s one of those “What the hell am I doing with my life???” weeks, and it’s only Tuesday!

So I hear people want pictures of Australia. Unfortunately I think the cool downtown pics were taken with my film camera (to be developed still) or Sue’s digital (which is currently in Melbourne). So I took a few pics with Mary’s camera on Sunday and Monday, and got some photos of the Bondi open-air cinema from my roomie Anita, and put up some GoogleEarth shots in the gallery. So now you can see where I live, and where I go to school, and my racetrack, and one of my beaches. Check out the “Martha’s Sydney” album in the gallery.

Photo story #1: Crazy Greenpeace guy. Anita, a friend of hers, and I went to see a Luc Besson film at the Bondi Beach open-air cinema one night. It was sponsored by Greenpeace. Do you know that Greenpeace picture with the crazy activist who jumps onto the carcass of the dead whale harpooned by a Japanese whaling boat? Well, he did a talk before the movie. You can only see his silhouette in the photo, and the famous photo of him on the whale is on the screen in the background. It was cool. Know how he got off the whale? An iceberg happened to knock up against the whale just as the Japanese were about to knock him off into the ocean, and he floated away. Lucky man.

Photo story #2: Elec Eng stairs and main “hall”. Well, the Photovoltaics Centre is in the Elec Eng building which is the building just on the right in this photo. Every Friday people in the PV Centre get together for BOS: Beer On the Steps. My centre rocks.

And the photo game: Try to count how many topless women there are in the “Bondi bathers” photo. Maybe I’ll make up a prize for the person who can count the most. I saw 3 at first glance, I’m certain there are more.

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  1. Brook Says:

    I count 6… 3 in the foreground, 3 more around the green umbrella area. Maybe some of the people further out as well, but I don’t think you can say for sure.

    Oh, and I hope your week gets better… :)

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