Welcome Baby Deighan!!!

Rob and Tara have a baby!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I had an update. Here goes:

  • I came to Canada back in Aug-Sept to visit all my lovely Canadian friends and family. It was great.
  • I had a job interview in San Fran while visiting Paul and Oleg there
  • Went to visit Kristy, Marty, Katelyn, and Dan Manicom in Calgary
  • Went to visit Sue, Brock and Laura in BC
  • Came back, did some teaching
  • Went to UniGames - won Bronze! Was named to the Green & Gold team! aaaaaand tore my ACL :(

Upcoming events:

  • Yael and Andy and I are accompanying the UNSW team on the World Solar Challenge from October 21st - 31st (racing a solar car from Darwin to Adelaide). I’m stressing at the moment because I have been supervising some second year students working on the car, and now I don’t want them to crash and die.
  • Exams are coming up in a couple weeks. Hopefully my class does well!
  • Still working on the PhD
  • ACL surgery in early November most likely. Unofficial MRI results came it today. Should make it all official tomorrow and book in surgery.

That is all for now. The chickens are good :)

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  1. Dad Says:

    What do you mean the chickens are good? tasty good or running around happy good? Congrats to the new parents. Good luck with the surgery Martha, sounds like you have very good friends and they will help nurse you afterwards.

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