Yes another bday has come and gone and I am now a proud 2-4. Thank you to all who tried to call but yes my phone is not working at the moment (I am actually at an internet cafe waiting for them to fix it up). Its not my fault at all - Plus I was working all day so I wasnt able to take any calls during that time. But, Grandma, Jason, Aunt Sue, Mom, and Mars all made my day by getting in touch with me. Also thanks to everyone who sent me emails -I LOVED THEM.

I wasn’t trying to guilt anyone into calling me, I just wanted to hear from everyone thats all- I miss ya. Erin it definately wasn’t the same without you there. Nath is awesome and took me out for drinks, Matt and Viet also join in the celebrations. We ended up going to this really cool bar called Commercial where we played rock, paper, scissor for our drinks- THUS a night of free drinking!!!

Take care, Off to the Great Ocean Road to chill at a cottage. I will post pics after that.



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