Sue’s B-Day

So I, like many of you, repeatedly tried to call Sue on her birthday. I couldn’t get through, and it seemed like she’d blocked my number. Turns out she’d just run out of cash on her phone. So after the big guilt trip in the last post, yeah, couldn’t call her anyways. ;P

What’s new with me? Well, I had a lab safety session last week for OH&S. Terrified! I don’t want to use the labs now! Mandatory retinal scans for those who need to use the lasers, hydrofloric acid will kill you if you get some on you and don’t treat it properly (or, if it’s just a little, can burn a hole through your hand, like it’s apparently done to my prof. I should ask to see his hands…), and if the air handlers break down, you can die of nitrogen asphyxiation in the rooms that have nitrogen-purged storage cabinets. I get to watch some processing going on next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. -Martha

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  1. the mum Says:


  2. Ra Says:

    you know, i think you’re worrying your mother. but on the plus side, now you can blame any future insanity on things like too much benzene and not enough smoke hoods. super.
    stay charmed charmed maatha. ;)

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