EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #10: Wiesbaden

This was a bit of a random one. On the Tuesday morning after the BP Solar visit, our Fellowship was finally broken. The last of us travelling companions - Budi, Nino and I - went on our separate paths. Budi and I left for the airport, Budi to go to Munchen, I for Frankfurt and then Greece. Nino slept in, then caught the bus south to the coast, then the ferry to Morrocco (!).

In Frankfurt, I caught a bus to Wiesbaden, where I met up with Karo and Werner and we stayed at their friend Philip’s house. Philip used to be called Matthew though. He just started calling himself Philip one day in uni, and now everyone calls him that. But Werner knew him since he was little, so some times he messes up and forgets he has a new name now.

Philip and his girlfriend were very nice though, and had a lovely apartment, and we had a great dinner at some German patio restaurant. We had to get up at 4am? 3am? something that was still pretty much night time to take a taxi to the airport, and then on to Greece!

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