Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

As you all will know I am selling tickets for the Commonwealth games and I start training tomorrow. Today another block of tickets went on sale so I am goign to go see some Rugby 7’s on the 16th with Casey and her housemates. On the 19th I am going to see the womens field hockey game Canada vs. Australia so that should be awesome- MOM I am going to wear the Canadian Chicks Rock shirt- represent yo. Mars is making her way down to see me and the Commonwealth games on the 23rd-26th, she is also bringing a German friend from school. They are going to see some Badminton and Athletics on the 24th and experience the charm of the games.

People are really starting to get into celebrating as it is just going to be a non-stop party!

BUT - even before the games is March 8th INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!! also my birthday whatwhat. I am asking people to please send me some burned CD’s as I would love to just chill and listen to music but I dont have any.

PLEASE SEND TO (see email for address)

Also, remember my cell # is (see email for #)- just in case you forgot since nobody has called me-lol.


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  1. Dad Says:

    We’re anxious to see the photo’s , hope all is well. Love Dad

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