Learning all the right things

OnĀ  Sunday night I went to dinner with my co-supervisor and her husband, and a visiting guest from the Fraunhofer Institute and his family. He has 2 little girls, about 5 and 7 years old, and neither speak any English. Or so we thought. After dinner we were talking a bit about Monty Python, and then the oldest girl pipes up: “And now, a man with three buttocks!” We just about died laughing. Then she said “The Ministry of Silly Walks” and she and her little sister proceeded to make up silly walks and circle the living room. “And now, a man with a tape recorder shoved up his nose.”

Obviously they teach them all the right things over at the Fraunhofer.

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  1. Phil Says:

    They did a whole episode in German, in fact!

  2. Mary Anne Lenio Says:

    Oh my Phil so funny..i had nto realized the blog was back Yeah!

  3. Agata Says:

    Just spent a solid 3 hours going through your blog.

    I’m totally jealous of the Australia adventures you keep having.

    Liam’s HUGE!



  4. Martha and Susan’s Excellent Adventures » Blog Archive » EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #12: Freiberg (x2) Says:

    […] Later I met with Daniel Kray, a researcher in the laser doping area who came to Sydney in August (remember his awesome kids?). He gave me another, much more thorough tour of the labs. He has access to a lot more stuff, and is more senior then Emily, so I actually got to go in everywhere as opposed to just look in the windows. And most impressively, he took me in to the laser doping lab, so that I could see it in action. It’s quite different to the way we do it at UNSW, and personally I think our way of doing it is easier, but whatever. It’s all research. […]

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