Splits and StarFarers

Sue and I had a grand visit together while I was in B.C. - naps every afternoon, free skiing at Whistler, VM, good food, and I had Brook and Laura over to her place for banana splits and StarFarers of Catan. Possibly the most geekiest activity Sue and Brock have ever witnessed, but an awesome time regardless.

Sue Mars Split

Laura split

Sue Brock split

Brock Sue split


4 Responses to “Splits and StarFarers”

  1. mum Says:

    The photos are great!

  2. Dad Says:

    You all look very happy.

  3. Brook Says:

    Woohoo! I made it onto Mars’ Life In Pictures! (again?) ;)

    It was good to see you, come visit again. :)

  4. Philip Says:

    Jealous!!! That StarFarers board is huge.

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