A Day Off

So on Tuesday I decided that I would take Thursday off, because I’ve worked pretty hard lately and I’ve been pretty tired, so I did. I was kinda hoping that it would be a nice day so that I could go to the beach, but it rained so Yael stayed home in the morning too, and we finished a puzzle of a dragon. Then I went shopping, picked up a chair from Ziv’s place in Maroubra, read some HP6, and knitted. I did go to uni in the afternoon, to check e-mail and chocolate cake, but I didn’t even have to feel guilty because Budi and Stanley both showed up for uni even later than me. There are some definite benefits to being a grad student.

In the afternoon I babysat the Crowe’s, then as soccer was cancelled due to all the rain I went home and made brownies (Michelle’s world-famous Chocolate coffee brownies), knitted, made shakshuka, read HP, knitted, had an all-round awesome time :)

3 Responses to “A Day Off”

  1. ck Says:

    So how was the shakshuka? Yum or what?

  2. phil Says:

    Man, that shakshuka sounds Jewlicious indeed.

  3. Mars Says:

    Definitely yum :) Thanks!

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