Hello everyone- Well I have a job interview tomorrow selling tickets for the Commonwealth Games but the more exceiting news is that I have found a house. I am living with a gay couple, their crazy cousin, two cats and a dashhound. Don’t worry the cats are short hair and I don’t seem to have a problem. I am staying at my friends from MAC, Casey’s house on also a very nice floor (but mars yours still feels like clouds and I will be back to use the soap without asking!!!). I move in on Wednesday and the room and house is really nice and on a train line. It’s a very trendy house as they are gay.

Well I just wanted to say I am alive and well. And NOBODY has called me yet… well mom you did but that doesn’t count ’cause you pay for the phone bill.

Peace Out

More funny stories to follow with my house of fun. MISS YA :)

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  1. Susan L Says:

    Mars.. I forgot how mad she got about using her dish soap. haha too funny.

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