1st Knit Complete!

So a lot has happened since the last post - Christmas, New Years, a trip to the Red Centre of Australia, I’ve moved flats for teh time being, and…. I’ve completed my first knitting project!


I made a baby blanket for my friend Jamie’s new baby. Jamie’s my old flat mate who has moved back to China, and I may have put her bad boyfriend story in here at some point, but anyways, she got knocked up, they got married, and now she has a lovely baby boy. I wanted to make the blanket red, because red is lucky in Chinese tradition, but all the reds were too garish (or too pricey). I think the burgandy turned out to be a good, gender neutral, close to red choice that ended up better than I expected. I also planned on having this blanket finished before Jamie’s baby was born, but I was about r4 weeks too late. I blame exams. Not exactly a good time to start knitting projects. Although I expect that’s when lots of people do actually start knitting projects.

In other knitting news, I received 2 knitting books for Christmas! Very exciting! One was from my friend Budi, it’s a scarf book, and has lots of interesting, impractical scarfs that look fun to make in it. Expect some random presents all you friends and family members back home :) My first attempt is a scarf for Budi. It’s a bit different than in the book, because I had to swap the yarn for something a bit less expensive, and the colours are a bit different, and I had to go down a few sizes in needles, so I added some stitches and rows into the pattern…. all told it still looks good, fairly close to the pattern, maybe just a shade thinner than you’d like a scarf to be. Whatever. It never gets that cold in Australia anyways, and it’ll loosen up a bit as I go I think.

The second knitting book I received is “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch”! Which is also exciting, and has lots of fun patterns at the back. And it’s also a mystery - I have no idea who sent it. It was puchased online and has no sender or billing information, and no note, so if you sent it, please let me know! I want to say thanks. I read the first half of the book (on techniques, and materials, and all that sort of stuff), over the past 2 days. It’s a very funny, informative book. Love it!

Yesterday I went to my local yarn shop and spent a fair bit on yarn (it was a 50% off sale, last day - I went a bit nuts). And on Christmas I gave the Canadian girls (Laura, Syl, & Meg) some yarn and knitting needles (Meg was inspired to learn when she saw me knitting while I lived with them), so they’re all hooked now too.

I have lots of stuff to tell you about Christmas and New Years and Uluru, but I’ll wait on that until I get the photos. Oleg has the Uluru and New Years stuff on his camera, and he wants to sort it and pare it down a bit before it gets to me. I have Christmas photos on my laptop, however it’s no longer connected to the internet, so I have to remember to bring the photos in to uni now. And Laura has the Christmas eve photos. All will be collected in time.

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