Last exam EVER!

Today I wrote the last exam for the last course of my PhD! Not outstanding, not terrible, but at least done. Then in the afternoon I wrote the 1st year sustainability course exam, just to check that it’s not too long or too hard for the undergrads. Fun fun! So all I did today was write exams.

What else have I been up to? Sculptures by the Sea on Saturday (check out the Google Gallery). We had some engineers from E-Ton Solar in Taiwan visiting for training on ink jet and laser doping technologies. On Thursday we took them down to the UniGym to play basketball - SunTech vs. E-Ton (+ some friends). Stanley and the guys from Taiwan were AMAZING! SunTech did manage to beat them in the last game though.

Plan for the week: no studying. Lots of marking though.

2 Responses to “Last exam EVER!”

  1. Susan lenio Says:

    So proud of you sister friend.

  2. the Mum Says:

    Way to go Martha..keep going you will be a Doctor Martha soon!!!!!

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