It’s been a week, so time to check back in.

So I’ve been pretty homesick since Thanksgiving. Ziv didn’t come over to Laura’s for Thanksgiving dinner, which irritated me a bit, but it was his birthday, he can do what he likes. We had a huge fight on the Monday, then I had a second Thanksgiving dinner over at Ken’s on Tuesday. It was sooooo nice! Like all I needed to sort out all my feelings again was pumpkin pie, and rhubarb pie, and turkey and mashed potatoes and asparagus. I helped make the dinner, and I had no idea I was so homesick until I was with someone who understood that pumpkins belong in pies, and who understood the need to eat turkey with cranberry sauce until you explode.

When I got home Ziv and I sorted ourselves out again, and I just kept crying. I was crying, and crying, and crying, and pretty much didn’t stop for the last 2 weeks. Nearly anything would set me off. We met an Israeli girl when looking for water in the Blue Mountains, and Hagay said after “Sometimes you don’t know how homesick you are until you meet someone who knows where you’re from”. That was exactly how I’d felt the whole week before, ever since Thanksgiving with Ken. And Hagay saying exactly what I was feeling in such perfect words of course set me off again (that and the Israeli girl).

I went to lunch at an African restaurant on Saturday. There were supposed to be a bunch of us going, but in the end it was just Johnson and Oleg and I, and a friend of Oleg’s. The other 3 guys (3 of the uni friends) who were supposed to come to the restaurant all cancelled once I was already sitting there at the restaurant waiting for them. And of course that set me off again - I couldn’t imagine any of my friends back in Canada doing that to me, leaving me sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for them, because they decided they’d rather go shopping at Bondi Junction, for example. It’s okay to cancel, but once I’ve already travelled to the restaurant and have been waiting there for 15 minutes, it’s quite rude. And for all 3 to do it! I don’t know if the fact that the people who kept their word were all Canadians means something or not, but I was glad they were there, for sure. And it just made me miss home more, so more tears.

On Sunday I pulled out the photo album from the Brothel that you guys gave me one year, I think for my birthday. Ziv and I went to the beach and I made him sit through all the photos in there - photos of us all eating penis pasta, and photos of people passed out asleep in the “death trap” of an attic, photos of us carving pumpkins, and Adrian dressed as a Christmas tree, and mine and Mary’s feet, and Laura reading, and Phil pretending to hit Steve S. over the head with a frying pan. Then there were photos from the glider competitions, and from space conferences, from high school track and field meets, from IRS and gradball. Pictures from SARStock, and Aunt Rita’s cottage, and our cottage. Liam on Hallowe’en. Blue hair, and Justine & Mat’s wedding.

On Monday when I woke up, I was better. I’m still homesick, but it’s not the crazy, aching, pain that it was before. I don’t know how Ziv put up with me for the past two weeks - I’ve been completely insane. But anyways, I’m mostly back to normal now. Needless to say, I miss you all! Many, many hugs back to Canada xoxoxox

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  1. the Mum Says:

    We miss you too Mars….you tell that Ziv to take extra care of you!
    Lots of worries I plan to win the lottery and you can come home more often…so please,please work on your thesis and git er done…then you can get home.

  2. the Mum Says:

    ps Susan apparently saw a bear?????? Hopefully not too close! Since she hasn’t exactly told me ( told Lucy)my guess it was closer than a mum would like to know.

  3. Sue Says:

    Hey Mars, sounds like you are PMS’n have some chocolate and you will feel better. Or another way to feel better is to stare at my grad photo… just in case you forget what I look like. I think the key to feeling better is to start laughing again, its the best medicine. Also, a change can do you good - maybe a move is in order? Find someone new to live with? I think that is an awesome idea and just patted myself on the back. High fives all around. MISS YOU SISTER FRIEND. text me and I will call ya, I have a calling card - Ya thats right a calling card :)

  4. Uncle Long Neck Says:

    Hi Martha,
    Life ain’t easy at times and sometimes it just sucks. However, if I can give you some advice here it is.
    Remember to breathe (take a deep breath (or a few)), it’ll just make you feel a little better.
    In the famous words of Douglas Adams, DON’T PANIC. This too will pass.
    Always remember that we will all be together again and what a party that will be (I don’t know if you heard about the MOONING incident at Uncle John’s).
    Don’t forget to take time to get out of your own head, savour the moment and all the little things that each day brings (for this too will pass (so enjoy the beach, the sunshine, the sunsets and sun rises)).
    We all get about 75 summers in a lifetime so use them wisely.
    And lastly, if you still can’t shake this sadness, feel free to email or write me. I know you have a lot of people that love you and will help support you whenever you need us.
    Lots of love, Uncle Andy

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