S is Back in the House!

Hello all, well my life adventures have started back up. I am currently employed at Whistler Blackcomb teaching skiing to kids aged 3-4. Sounds like a random job cause it is as I don’t really ski or have skis when they offered me the job. Now I do have skis and have learned that its all about pizza and fries. The drive out was an awesome adventure, did the drive with two friend from University, Brock and Casey. We all got along fine and made our way across the country staying on random friends floors/couch’s. Thanks so all who helped us out along the way. I am waiting the arrival of Nath this weekend, the first friend from Ontario to come and visit. We are going to tour around the island and then head to Whistler to have some wild and crazy times. As per the weather it is cold and wet here….much different to Ontario which is hot and humid. There is snow already in Whistler so I am hoping the hill opens soon.

Take care, peace out. SL

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Not bad having a friend come and visit already - you’ve been there what a week or so and a houseguest with no house!

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