1st Day Apart

Sue left for Melbourne last night, I remain here in Sydney. From here on out you’ll be reading about 2 different adventures.

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  1. Gill Reilly Says:

    Hey Guys~ looks like your having tons of fun. Have one ( or a few) for me while you’re there..Like I said to Sue earlier, I”ll be living vicariously through what you guys are doing so live it up!

    Love Always;


  2. Lisa Slade Says:

    You ladies crack me up!!!!!

    Your adventures are terrific! Hey Suze…..remember that title page we would always hand into Ms. Jack? Maybe you could capture a “real life photo/title page” on your amazing adventure. Have a ton of fun…and keep me posted. P.s the animal count is hilarious….

    See yah, Lisa

  3. Stu Says:

    Hey I didnt even know this part of the website was here. Thanks for the notes girls, and Lisa I will keep the animal count going…haha. I think I might be able to get a pic of a real life title page forsure once I do I will post it. Maybe you can hand it into Jacks for me lol. Miss ya

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