Double the Adventures!

As you may have just noticed, the name of the site has just changed again. Susan just moved out to BC and she’ll be joining us on the blog writing team again, giving us updates on her life in the winter wonderland of Vancouver. Should be some nice contrast: I’ll have stories of the extreme heat, beaches, wild fires, droughts, and sharks, while she’ll have stories of snowy mountains, hot chocolate, saunas, wolves, and all sorts of just general west coast goodness.

Okay, now I’ve been promising a few updates for a while now. Here, at least, is a bit on our party. Photos to follow when my stupid camera batteries have charged yet again.

So Ziv and I had a joint birthday/house warming/bronze medal bash on the weekend. The party was a resounding success! We meant it to be the party from which all future and past time at the Centre is dated, and I think we came pretty close. Could have done with a few more people from the Centre coming out, but there wasn’t much space left in the apartment, so it’s probably just as well. We had some food, some music, and a hell of a lot of alcohol. The start of the party was a bit slow - about 7 of us sitting around, listening to music, making some small talk, but then everyone else invited pretty much showed up all at once, and it was a hit from there on it. Some notables:

  • The punch was super tasty, and although being pretty much half alcohol, didn’t taste like it. A silent killer in a way
  • The jello shooters - not many people had had these before, and it was fun seeing people trying to get the jello out
  • The soccer girls + Andrew: took care of the music and general feeling of rowdiness for the evening
  • Polly: insisted on watching the world cup rugby match (England vs. Australia - she’s from England) - England won, her excitement made the rest of us excited, even the Australians. Plus she drank whisky straigh. Again, she’s English.
  • Mel… well, that story is Mel’s I guess. Let’s just say that the carpet behind my bedroom door will never be quite the same again
  • I made Ziv a maple & walnut cake - very tasty
  • And Court! If you recall from the UniGames post below, court is something we do at the Games before going out for the night. Gets you quite drunk. We had a blast doing court in my living room, & getting non-soccer people involved, but discovered it’s quite a dangerous thing to do at the end of the night.

Other things have happened too: Engineering Week, 2 Thanksgiving dinners, and a rather big seminar on Tuesday. Ziv and I had a bit of a falling out earlier this week, but things are back to normal now. Phew! And hopefully the next post you read will be from Sue!

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Great to see Sue will join the blog..sounds like quite a party..perhaps a “whose gonna clean”?

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