South East Asia Adventure, Stop #4: Penang

A shorty but goodie. After a horrendous time getting there, Penang was awesome! Brilliant hostel - double room with AC for under $10pp. Awesome location - smack dab in the middle of Little India and Chinatown. Amazing shopping - electronics, movies, souvenirs, clothes - we went nuts. Excellent food, beaches only a local bus ride away. We loved Penang!

We met a lot of interesting people at the hostel, our fav was Q, this huge American black woman. She was great fun to talk to. She and a number of other people were on Thai visa runs. Every other shop and hostel in Penang specializes in getting Thai visas. I think Thailand needs to re-think it’s visa policies.

After 3 days in Penang, Sue and I endured another horrendous over-night bus back to Singapore. The AC on the buses puts the temp somewhere around 5°C, plus Sue had cold water dripping onto her seat. She moved to a conveniently empty seat at the back, but didn’t get any sleep there either. We’re back in Singapore now, and leave for Canada tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see you all! Love and hugs,

Mars and Sue

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Can’t wait to see you too…looking forward to photos. Safe flight and see you soon..hugs back

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