South East Asia Adventure, Stop #2: Kuala Lumpur

Our hostel in KL was an Islamic hostel. The people were soooo nice! Truly took care of us. I honestly wanted to come back to KL again on this trip just to stay there a bit longer. The hostel was also situated in an awesome area for shopping and access to transit.

Day 1 in KL saw us arrive, check in, then head over to the Petronas Towers just to get that out of the way. We arrived at the Towers at the end of the day, and all the free tickets for going up to the SkyBridge were of course gone but we checked out the information area anyways. Then 5 minutes later they had a bunch of extra tickets for the last trip up to the bridge since a group didn’t show up, so we got to go up anyway! No hassle, no waiting, charmed Martha is back after a brief set-back in Singapore!

Dinner at the Towers, some shopping, then a relatively early night for us.

Day 2 we got up early to go shopping, but none of the shops opened until 11am. So we went to the National Mosque instead. We arrived too late for the morning tour, so we went to the National Planetarium. Arrived a bit too late for a show there, so we went to the Orchid Park and Hibiscus Park. They were nice, it was hot. Back to the Planetarium, where instead of a star show we saw a film about protecting the biodiversity of Hawaii (random!), then back to the mosque for the afternoon tour.

The mosque was really cool. They give you (us women, anyway) robes and head scarves so that you can go in. We have some funny photos! The mosque itself is funny - it’s pretty, but then the architecture is some kind of Eastern-70’s hybrid. After leaving the mosque we discovered that my shoes had been stolen! At a church essentially! Who steals in church, seriously? Then I thought that Sue had hid them, but no. They were stolen. So a man at the mosque gave me his flipflops, then Sue and I went shopping.

The highlight of the shopping trip was the DVD buying. A girl working at the hostel had told us which mall to go to. After several hours of wandering around buying clothes and food and stuff, we found a promising looking DVD shop. We were looking at some of the movies, all about RG30 ($10), and not too new, when the guy asked “You want new ones, don’t you?” We said yes, so he gave us a map and told us to go to a certain store on a certain level, and to tell his friend there that he sent us. So we went. When we got to where the DVD shop was supposed to be, it was just a blank store front, frosted windows and a door. We were confused, were going to leave, but then the door opened and a guy ushered us inside. He gave us 5 booklets of DVDs and a printed list to go through, told us to pick the ones we wanted, and then our order would be ready for us in 40 minutes.

We picked about 10 films, then went for dinner. We were told to go back to the first DVD shop to pick up our order, and they’d get us as many as they could in 40 min. We went back in an hour, and we were taken around a corner by a 3rd guy, where we paid for the 4 DVDs that they’d managed to get for us. Very sketch. But awesome! Only RG10 ($3) per new movie :)

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  1. the mum Says:

    I think I have said this before..ahhhhhhhhh!
    glad you are well

  2. Mike B. Says:

    Yeah…that DVD thingy sounds sketchy. Carefull if you’re bringing them back over here, with all the emphasis on anti-piracy and all.

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