Rocky Redux

For more about Mars’ & Sue’s EA adventures, read the previous posts. This is the end of Rocky’s EA Adventure now. And if you don’t know who Rocky is, I guess you don’t read this blog enough.


The sewer, shit. I’m still only in the sewer. Every time I think I’m going to wake up back in the restaurant. When I was home after my first assignment, it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be nothing… When I was in the restaurant, I wanted to be in the sewer. When I was in the sewer all I could think about was getting back into the restaurant. Every minute I stay in this sewer I get weaker. And every minute that Chef has to himself in that kitchen he gets stronger. Everyone gets what he wants. I want a mission, and for my fins they gave me one. Flushed it down to me like a dead fish down a toilet.

They worked as a team: Lucky, the cat who had delivered Rocky from the Chinese medicine merchant. Ryo the rat. Rocky. And Mouse. Mouse was the brains of the VFD - Vegetarian Freedom Deliverers. The mission was dangerous this time: release 3 squid from the tank in the Happy Times Chinese Restaurant. Rocky would have to lead the squid down to the sewer and then be rescued himself by Lucky before the squid decided to eat Rocky. Things went off without a hitch, until the whole plan went south.

Lucky was the most dependable cat in the world, except for one thing: he had and absolute terror of Olympic divers, and couldn’t make himself go anywhere near one. Unfortunately one was arguing with the host when it was time for Lucky to break out of the restaurant:

“What do you mean you don’t have a reservation for me? Don’t you know I’m an Olympic diver? I’m famous! Find me a table this instant, I insist! If you do, I might even give you an autograph.”

Lucky was paralyzed. He retreated to behind a tank of koi (the next mission), and couldn’t be budged. Meanwhile, Rocky our hero was cornered in the sewer outside by the squid. He couldn’t hold them off any longer, despite his amazing Chinese fighting fish skills when..

Knives and forks rained down from above, creating a spiked barrier between the squid and Rocky. Something plunged into the water from above him - small, furry arms grabbed him and they were lifted out of the water. Rocky was dropped into a spherical dome of water. He gazed at amazement at the 3 mice in front of him on the pavement.

“We’re from the Mousad. Mouse sent us to watch you. He wants to promote you in the ranks of VFD. It’s bigger than you could ever imagine. We’ve never had a fish work with us, but we’ve been watching you for a while now, and you’re the best we’ve seen. Your glass bowl that you’re in right now will work like a hamster ball, so you can get around on land for a while. Come with us. We have much to tell you about the VFD.”

Rocky followed them down the alley, into the night.

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