Thank You

Many thanks to everyone who made our Christmas so special, all the emails, texts, stockings, cards and well wishes were greatly appreciated by both Mars and myself. We did send out Christmas cards and hopefully they will be arriving soon as the Australia post is just like Canada post SO SLOW. Ziv, Karen, Deo, Elsa and Sophlia, Florence, Ian Smart and the Lenio girls all celebrated with a wonderful dinner and the new Nintendo system - the Wii, Florence’s Christmas gift to herself, which supplied for some great entertainment. The Christmas dinner was very nice with a 9lb turkey cooked by chef  Martha. I know it’s no 19lbs like Dad’s but we will work up to that. And of course for the vegetarians a wonderful spread of veggies and tofu - yummy.
I had a busy week as I did my certifcation for SCUBA diving, and I passed! Mars came for the last couple of open water dives and we saw a sea horse, star fish and some very large blue groper fish that you can pet. One more week in Sydney and then we are off to Malaysia for another advernture before going home, hopefully there will be some snow when we get home. See you all soon - Cheers

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  1. the Mum Says:

    Sounds like a great Christmas..can hardly wait to see you both!

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