Merry Christmas!

Hello dear all! Merry Christmas!

Sue and I are missing you all terribly, but we’ve managed to make our own Christmas here as cozy as we can. Susan has named this Christmas her most ghetto Christmas ever. Check out the gallery to see what our tree looked like!

One of the first things we missed was the Christmas programming on television. Do you know what was on t.v. on Christams Eve in Sydney? “Bad Boys”. Yep, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith shootin’ up some baddies. So we rented about 10 Christmas-y movies the other day and spent most of yesterday watching them, of course ending with “It’s a Wonderful Life” before heading off to midnight mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

This was also kinda ghetto. We met my friend Florence at the Cathedral. By the time Sue and I arrived it was standing room only, so we stood in the left section of the cathedral near a Christmas tree and a tomb for the ‘Unknown Soldier’ I believe. Often we just sat on the hard stone floor during the mass. The sermon was terrible, not at all about Christmas. I don’t understand how the guy made it to Bishop preaching like that. He totally just dissed Jewish people and Muslims and non-believers. Great. Another funny thing is that people here just go out and party Christmas Eve. And then some of the party people would just show up to midnight mass as was evident from all the people in Santa hats, and the girl near us who was being held by her boyfriend, then fell over, repeatedly, as they tried to get out of the church. We couldn’t decide at first if she was ill or drunk, but by the smile on her face I’m pretty sure it was drunk. There was a random yellow bucket that was getting passed around after the collection too. Some girl gave it to me, not knowing what the heck to do with it, so I put it against the wall. And then we took a photo. There was also a life-sized Nativity outside the Cathedral. We left early to take our pictures with the Baby Jesus:


After mass, we met up with Ziv and Karen on the bus. Midnight mass had been Ziv’s idea, and I was a little put out when he didn’t show, but then it turned out he was just on the other side of the church. D’oh! Good thing he saw us on the bus though, or I would have been quite upset with the whole evening. The best picture from inside the cathedral is courtesy of Ziv (thank you my dear!).

Christmas morning Sue and I opened our stockings and gifts. Thanks everyone! And tonight we’re having people over for a turkey dinner. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Merry Christmas again everyone! Love Mars and Sue - xoxoxoxo

5 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho Girls, Merry Christmas in Australia I love the Christmas tree, you girls are angels.

  2. Cousin Linda Says:

    Although you two look like angels…………….Santa knows different which is why he left you each a lump of coal…….HOHOHOHOHO!

  3. The Santa Mum Says:

    Merry Christmas ..great the tree..hope the turkey turned out..ours is in now. And yes Sue we watched the video…still so cute after all these years.

  4. Dad Says:

    I saw the tree from the pc at home, well done. The link to the gallery, rant etc. isn’t being displayed.

  5. Dad Says:

    Let me correct that, it is displayed but at the very end of the category. It’s usually on top with the new entries. Disappointed in the mid-night mass, a bucket for the collection, how do they finance charity work or even the churches infrastructure costs (hydro, phone, maintenance…) .

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