Back in Sydney

Back in Sydney to my lovely soft as a cloud bed on the floor…..oh what heaven. I have been up-graded to sleeping half in Martha’s closet just yesterday - a vast improvement. The rest of New Zealand was amazing, I got to go horse back riding in the Misty Mountains - so magical! - and some of the horses were even in Lord of the Rings as extras. Did you also know that 75% of the riders in the movie were female (better riders) from around New Zealand, pretty cool eh. On the 9th I dropped Casey off at the airport where we said our goodbyes ’till we meet again in Canada- I then headed to Arthur’s Pass to do some more tramping. I stayed for a couple days and climbed Avalanche Peak which was 3hrs straight up and 3 hrs straight down, my legs turned to jello. Camped at the free camp ground where I got eaten by sandlfies - insect repellent doesn’t even work on these suckers.

Back to Christchurch for a couple days where I met up with Martha’s friends Karolin and Helena. Karolin has always wanted to go swimming with the dolphins so we booked a tour to go swimming with Hector dolphins, which turn out to be the world’s smallest dolphins and an endangered species. The water was about 10 degrees - pretty chilly but definitely worth it.

And now I am back in Sydney just taking a break from the travelling life and just relaxing doing nothing….very nice. The other night we had a goodbye party for Karolin as she heads back to Germany for Christmas. The Christmas decorations are up, the stockings are hung thanks to Mom and Dad, and the Charlie Brown Christmas music is on….

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  1. the Mum Says:

    sorry - only works on Firefox for me…but sounds like Christmas is shaping up - so glad you are together.

  2. Laura Says:

    Hi Suz,
    Glad you are safe and sound - Your adventures sound AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics you wild woman! Have fun getting ready for the holidays! xo Laura

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