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Sunday, August 9th, 2009

21st birthdays are a big deal in Australia. I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to four of them since I’ve been here, and they’ve all been very different and fun.

The first 21st I was ever invited to was Het’s. All her family was there, and friends from high school, elementary school, uni, soccer, and everything else. There were food and drinks at a fancy place in the City, a slide show with photos from Het’s life, and people gave speeches. I teared up at times - some of the stories were really heart-felt and touching. It’s a celebration of the person’s life. There were gifts, and then dancing the night away.

The second 21st I went to was Kate’s. I was invited, along with a couple of the other soccer girls, to a bbq and chilled-out party with Kate and her family at her family’s house. Her mom cooked up a storm, and some of her friends had put together a “Kate Questionnaire” to get people’s funny stories and ideas about Kate. It was laid back, and highly enjoyable, particularly as I happened to be sick that night and I was free to cuddle my box of tissues and a 2L bottle of orange juice and still celebrate Kate.

The third and fourth 21sts were this past weekend - Shonnie of Friday night, then Sam on Saturday night. Shonnie again had all her family and friends from all her walks of life there. We were at a schmancy pants pizza bar in the Cross, with champagne and wine all night, there were gifts and speeches from all. The soccer girls all chipped in and bought her a necklace from Tiffany’s and lingerie (as you do, apparently). Her little bro told some awesome stories about her, as did Gigi and Al on behalf of soccer, and some of her high school friends did as well. Later in the night the party hit the nightlife in the Cross.

Sam’s was last night and I think this one was my favourite of the lot. It doubled as a farewell party for her, as she’s off to spend the next year in Indo. There was no family, only friends, and mostly just the soccer girls. We went for Japanese, then karaoke, and then to the upper level of some random mall where they had all sorts of Asian ‘claw’ games and photo booths - the ones where you can add little pink hearts and sparkles to the photos, or make it look like you and your friends are princesses on swings surrounded by pink flowers. Kate and Gigi did an awesome and shocking serenade to Sam at karaoke, Al won some mismatched puffy animal slippers for Sam at the claw game, and Shen luckily knows Japanese so could decipher all the instructions within the time-limits of the photo booth. It was an awesomely fun night.