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Easter Awesomeness

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Hello everyone! So I’ve been madly, insanely busy over the past month or so. Supervising students, training students, fixing the labs, organizing lectures, designing and building tethers for space elevators, you know, the usual antics. So I was very, very, very happy last week when the labs closed for maintenance, and then we had the Easter 4-day long weekend on top of that. Sweeeeeet!

So Friday I went outdoor bouldering with Yael and Andy and Simon and Pako and Mauro and a couple of guys named James. It was fun, and gorgeous, and we climbed a bit, and hung out a lot in a forest, and it was awesome.

Pako and Maura and Andy

Saturday we hosted a Death By Chocolate party. I skipped out for a bit to go to the Easter Vigil, like a good Catholic (Grandma would be proud), and then came back to an Easter Egg Hunt, followed by UNO.

Sunday, slept in, went to the beach for a picnic with Pako and Mauro. Went swimming, it was glorious.

Monday it rained all day. Complete torrential downpour. It was awesome. I slept in, hung out in my pajamas all day, did some writing. Craig woke up at about 6pm, and I challenged him to Risk 2210. He annihilated me. It was a good day.

Thanks for the chocolate Mom and Dad!!!


Oh, yes, and I taught lots of people here how to knit. Here’s Yael knitting in the forest:

Yael knitting in a forest