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And now for a bit of everything else, starting with Soccer!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

So I was away for 5 weeks, back for a week, then went of to Melbourne for a week of soccer. All-Australia UniGames, a week of parties and soccer. We didn’t do so well as last year, finishing only in 5th place. Sigh. But it was at least a lot of fun once again.

UniGames 08 team

UniGames Par-tay!

EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #13 & Final Destination: Taipei (x2)

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Seeing as I’m about to come to Canada very, very shortly I think I should finish writing about my last trip, plus bring people up to speed on everything else that happened this term (which there was an awful lot of).

On our first trip through Taipei we all stayed with Stanley and his family. Had our teeth cleaned. Exciting times, as you recall. I was willing to stay in a hostel for my two nights in Taipei en route to Sydney, but Stanley’s family insisted that I stay with them again, even though Stanley wasn’t there this time, and to be polite I agreed. What a wonderful decision!

I had the fun of an adventure on my own by way of getting myself from the airport to their metro stop by public transit. Amazingly, I was exactly on time and as I came up the subway escalator with all my stuff, there was Stan’s dad waiting for me at the entrance. Such a relief! It was ridiculously hot again, and wonderful to get back to their apartment, get some air con, a shower, a nap, clean clothes - heaven! And I had the apartment entirely to myself this time. In the evening Stan’s parents took me to the mountains, and we walked through the dusk and ate fresh fruit that they’d brought with us. We went to an old Chinese market street and bought sweets that I could take back to Sydney (they insisted on purchasing everything for me too, which made me extremely reluctant to get anything at all). Then we went out for a massive Japanese banquet at this beautiful authentic Japanese restaurant overlooking a river.

The next day was just as good. They took me outside the city to the mountains to visit some of their relatives. They have a house up on a mountain and actually own the whole mountain. We picked flowers, and hiked a bit, and ate and ate and ate. Then we sat around and sang karaoke most of the afternoon. The whole day was amazing. Watched the sunset in the mountains.

When I had to leave, Stan’s parents drove me right to the airport. I had such an amazing time with them I simply do not know how I can ever thank them. I have very fond memories of Taipei now. Such friendly, generous, polite people everywhere we went. I love the world.