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Where the heck have we been?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Well, the blog was in some sort of upgrade for a while, hence it’s absence. I’ve been to a conference in Europe, plus some. And Sue was in BC, then Ontario, and now maybe BC again?

I can only tell you my adventures, and I think I’ll work on telling one a day for the next week or so. In a nut shell, I was in Taipei, then Frankfurt, Heidelburg, Freiburg, Rome, Paris, Barcellona, Valencia, Madrid, Wiesbaden, Crete, Freiburg, Taiwan, then finally back to Sydney. The main reason for the trip was a conference in Valencia, the side trips happened for various work and fun related reasons, and the whole thing was amazing. Pictures and stories to follow later this week, so stay tuned.

The only other news is that I didn’t make the astronaut cut :( And so far I haven’t heard from anyone who has made it. So if I know you, and you’ve made it through, let me know! And congrats! And give me pointers for the next time round.