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28th Birthday

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Yep, I’m old. But I’ve had an awesome few days of getting older. I thought this year I wouldn’t have a birthday cake maybe, but it turns out I got 4 really excellent ones. Here are 3 of them:

Birthday cakes

Yes, the one on the left is a solar cell (complete with edge isolation, ARC, back surface field, and some front fingers experiencing lift-off) and the one on the right is a soccer field (complete with players, goal posts, and soccer ball). My friends rock.

We ate Chinese hot pot for 2 hours (some people kept going for 3) and played games well into the night. I got in a game of Settlers and 2 games of Risk 2210. Some of the others experienced the joy of playing KW Monopoly as well :) Very good birthday this year. Budi hosted, and we’ll probably do it all again in a month for his birthday. Hooray!

First Win!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Finally! We had our first win in 1st Division soccer this past weekend. Here’s the game write up from Soccer NSW. 3rd last paragraph is the review of our game.

The weather lately has been wet, windy and cold. Perfect for staying indoors and knitting or working on puzzles or playing games. A couple weekends ago I had some friends over for home-made sushi and what turned out to be a 9 hour Settlers of Catan marathon. Awesome!

In research news, I broke the 10% barrier with my solar cells! Woo hoo! They are improving! Some day, I will write many papers and graduate. My new personal record to beat is 12.57% now. Still not great, but heaps better than before.