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The Mountain is OPEN!!!

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Both Blackcomb and Whistler are now open for business. So this ski instructor has started training which consists of learning how to ski which is key for me at the moment, but get this I am not the worst one! AWESOME. I continue on with training for the next 10 days and will get my first bunch of kids in the next couple weeks.

Also this past weekend was the 10th anniversary of the passing of our friend Jenn Tunstall - time does not stop so live in the moment and do what makes you happy. I am very happy with my life choice to move to the West coast for the time being. I went for a hike the other day with Brock, Aaron and my dog friend Charlie who is a very fluffy dog and he wasn’t watching where he was going and walked into a bur bush- thus the dog got a nice hair cut when he got back to me place.

Bear update- so Brock and Aaron where out partying the other night and informed me later that there was a bear with two cubs in the village just waking around. And of course there were some Asian people following taking pictures not the smartest ideal. Also, the other day when I was waiting to get on the gondola an Asian women pointed to me and wanted to get a picture with me. OF COURSE I let the women take a picture of me and her with her holding my ski poles. Take that Mars they love me here!!!

Here are some photos if you want to see some pic’s

That is about all new with this girl,

Sue xo

Last exam EVER!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Today I wrote the last exam for the last course of my PhD! Not outstanding, not terrible, but at least done. Then in the afternoon I wrote the 1st year sustainability course exam, just to check that it’s not too long or too hard for the undergrads. Fun fun! So all I did today was write exams.

What else have I been up to? Sculptures by the Sea on Saturday (check out the Google Gallery). We had some engineers from E-Ton Solar in Taiwan visiting for training on ink jet and laser doping technologies. On Thursday we took them down to the UniGym to play basketball - SunTech vs. E-Ton (+ some friends). Stanley and the guys from Taiwan were AMAZING! SunTech did manage to beat them in the last game though.

Plan for the week: no studying. Lots of marking though.

An Adventure, A Quest, and Flying Food

Monday, November 5th, 2007

The Adventure started around 6:45am on Saturday morning. I couldn’t sleep, I’d gone to bed too early on Friday night, and just felt excited. So I got up and went on an Adventure. I travelled to the south head of Maroubra, and walked further than I’d ever walked there before. It had rained the night before, and was still drizzling that morning. The surfers were out in strength, all along the whole length of the beach. I walked up to the cliffs where Ziv and I have sprawled out and sunned ourselves on brighter days. Then I kept going. The bushes are thick, and I was quickly soaked from all the wet branches brushing against me. At the true south point, the cliffs are amazing. You can see the beach from the north edge of the cliffs, but from the south edge you see nothing but stunning cliffs. If you keep walking, you will eventually get to Long Beach, then Little Bay, then La Perouse. So I kept going, but the path was much harder than I thought it would be to follow, and I was getting hungry. On the way back I had a bit of a death-defying climb along some sandstone (it didn’t look so precarious before I got out there…). Now I know just how sandy sandstone can be though. After getting back to the apartment I made pancakes for breakfast.

Saturday afternoon was a Quest. I stated a few posts ago that I might start knitting. Well, in order to do that you need some supplies. So I went on a Quest to a knitting shop, the oldest knitting and needle work shop in Sydney. There’s 2 levels, the entire bottom level is devoted to knitting. The walls are covered in yarns and books and needles. There was a class going on at a table near the back. And they just left you alone to poke around until you’re ready. I was a little nervous at first, but after 20 minutes of looking about at yarns and books and finished projects and other things, I was ready to ask a few questions. Then I looked around some more and made some decisions, then made some purchases. My first project is going to be a baby blanket for Jamie. I used to live with Jamie, and it’s a long story, but the end of it is she is now back in China, married, and having a baby. I was going to make it a red blanket, because that’s the lucky colour for Chinese people, but all the reds (read: cheap, non-acrylic reds) were too gaudy, so I settled on more of a burgandy colour. I’ll call it deep red. I’m going back on Wednesday, when I go in to City to pick up my new passport.

Saturday evening we went out for Florence’s (a.k.a. Floz) birthday. That was a grand time! We went for Teppan yaki (Japanese barbecue, where they throw food at you). Photos are in the Google Gallery. At one point they throw you a bowl, then throw a partially cracked raw egg that you must catch in the bowl. I caught mine on the edge of the bowl. Raw egg EVERYWHERE! It was funny :) Oddly enough, when they finished frying the eggs and were tossing bits of fried egg for us to catch in our mouths, I caught that one fine. Maybe the chef was just trying harder to toss it in my mouth though. After dinner we went pub crawling, then dancing. A good night.

And as a parting gift on this post, here’s a link to humpback whales singing. Enjoy!