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Happy Hallowe’en!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007



Monday, October 29th, 2007

Sometimes you forget that being happy is a decision that you need to make. You just have to decide to let go of all the little things that are upsetting you, and embrace everything that you love. And so, I’m back to normal again. Took a bit of a scare to get me here, but I’m back.

Floz and I took of uni early today to go to the beach. Tomorrow a whole bunch of people are coming by to carve pumpkins. Yesterday we had soccer try-outs for the club team, and a bunch of the UniGames people turned up, so it should be a fun season next year.

Aaaaaand, this may also turn into a bit of a knitting blog soon as well. Look out people! The crafty Canadian ladies have finally influenced me into taking it up. If you remember me talking about Jamie, back when I lived in Mulwarree, well she’s back in China now, and pregnant. The girls back home have inspired me into doing some knitting for her new baby. Not sure what I’ll make, but it’s going to be red. Which is odd, I know, for a baby, but in China red is the colour for luck. People wear it at weddings, and everything at New Years is red, so I thought something red for the new baby would be appropriate. And it’s gender-neutral too, which is a plus. I’m going to see if I can find a good yarn store in Sydney and get some advice from them. It might actually prove difficult finding baby-soft yarn in red. I think it’s mostly pastels.


Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

It’s been a week, so time to check back in.

So I’ve been pretty homesick since Thanksgiving. Ziv didn’t come over to Laura’s for Thanksgiving dinner, which irritated me a bit, but it was his birthday, he can do what he likes. We had a huge fight on the Monday, then I had a second Thanksgiving dinner over at Ken’s on Tuesday. It was sooooo nice! Like all I needed to sort out all my feelings again was pumpkin pie, and rhubarb pie, and turkey and mashed potatoes and asparagus. I helped make the dinner, and I had no idea I was so homesick until I was with someone who understood that pumpkins belong in pies, and who understood the need to eat turkey with cranberry sauce until you explode.

When I got home Ziv and I sorted ourselves out again, and I just kept crying. I was crying, and crying, and crying, and pretty much didn’t stop for the last 2 weeks. Nearly anything would set me off. We met an Israeli girl when looking for water in the Blue Mountains, and Hagay said after “Sometimes you don’t know how homesick you are until you meet someone who knows where you’re from”. That was exactly how I’d felt the whole week before, ever since Thanksgiving with Ken. And Hagay saying exactly what I was feeling in such perfect words of course set me off again (that and the Israeli girl).

I went to lunch at an African restaurant on Saturday. There were supposed to be a bunch of us going, but in the end it was just Johnson and Oleg and I, and a friend of Oleg’s. The other 3 guys (3 of the uni friends) who were supposed to come to the restaurant all cancelled once I was already sitting there at the restaurant waiting for them. And of course that set me off again - I couldn’t imagine any of my friends back in Canada doing that to me, leaving me sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for them, because they decided they’d rather go shopping at Bondi Junction, for example. It’s okay to cancel, but once I’ve already travelled to the restaurant and have been waiting there for 15 minutes, it’s quite rude. And for all 3 to do it! I don’t know if the fact that the people who kept their word were all Canadians means something or not, but I was glad they were there, for sure. And it just made me miss home more, so more tears.

On Sunday I pulled out the photo album from the Brothel that you guys gave me one year, I think for my birthday. Ziv and I went to the beach and I made him sit through all the photos in there - photos of us all eating penis pasta, and photos of people passed out asleep in the “death trap” of an attic, photos of us carving pumpkins, and Adrian dressed as a Christmas tree, and mine and Mary’s feet, and Laura reading, and Phil pretending to hit Steve S. over the head with a frying pan. Then there were photos from the glider competitions, and from space conferences, from high school track and field meets, from IRS and gradball. Pictures from SARStock, and Aunt Rita’s cottage, and our cottage. Liam on Hallowe’en. Blue hair, and Justine & Mat’s wedding.

On Monday when I woke up, I was better. I’m still homesick, but it’s not the crazy, aching, pain that it was before. I don’t know how Ziv put up with me for the past two weeks - I’ve been completely insane. But anyways, I’m mostly back to normal now. Needless to say, I miss you all! Many, many hugs back to Canada xoxoxox

Bogan Moths

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

A strange thing is happening in Sydney: Bogan Moths. When I got back from UniGames, the flat was full of moths. When I got back to Uni on Monday, the labs were full of moths. The restaurants, the buses, any light. Surrounded or filled with moths.

Since this is so strange, you’d have thought I’d have written about it sooner, eh?

At the party the other night, I was talking with Joe and Shane about the moths. Joe said it breaks his heart to kill one, he just can’t do it (I don’t like it either), but Shane can’t stand them - she’ll kill them with relish.

Ah, apparently they’re bogong moths. Not bogan moths. I misheard before. Makes more sense.

S is Back in the House!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Hello all, well my life adventures have started back up. I am currently employed at Whistler Blackcomb teaching skiing to kids aged 3-4. Sounds like a random job cause it is as I don’t really ski or have skis when they offered me the job. Now I do have skis and have learned that its all about pizza and fries. The drive out was an awesome adventure, did the drive with two friend from University, Brock and Casey. We all got along fine and made our way across the country staying on random friends floors/couch’s. Thanks so all who helped us out along the way. I am waiting the arrival of Nath this weekend, the first friend from Ontario to come and visit. We are going to tour around the island and then head to Whistler to have some wild and crazy times. As per the weather it is cold and wet here….much different to Ontario which is hot and humid. There is snow already in Whistler so I am hoping the hill opens soon.

Take care, peace out. SL

Double the Adventures!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

As you may have just noticed, the name of the site has just changed again. Susan just moved out to BC and she’ll be joining us on the blog writing team again, giving us updates on her life in the winter wonderland of Vancouver. Should be some nice contrast: I’ll have stories of the extreme heat, beaches, wild fires, droughts, and sharks, while she’ll have stories of snowy mountains, hot chocolate, saunas, wolves, and all sorts of just general west coast goodness.

Okay, now I’ve been promising a few updates for a while now. Here, at least, is a bit on our party. Photos to follow when my stupid camera batteries have charged yet again.

So Ziv and I had a joint birthday/house warming/bronze medal bash on the weekend. The party was a resounding success! We meant it to be the party from which all future and past time at the Centre is dated, and I think we came pretty close. Could have done with a few more people from the Centre coming out, but there wasn’t much space left in the apartment, so it’s probably just as well. We had some food, some music, and a hell of a lot of alcohol. The start of the party was a bit slow - about 7 of us sitting around, listening to music, making some small talk, but then everyone else invited pretty much showed up all at once, and it was a hit from there on it. Some notables:

  • The punch was super tasty, and although being pretty much half alcohol, didn’t taste like it. A silent killer in a way
  • The jello shooters - not many people had had these before, and it was fun seeing people trying to get the jello out
  • The soccer girls + Andrew: took care of the music and general feeling of rowdiness for the evening
  • Polly: insisted on watching the world cup rugby match (England vs. Australia - she’s from England) - England won, her excitement made the rest of us excited, even the Australians. Plus she drank whisky straigh. Again, she’s English.
  • Mel… well, that story is Mel’s I guess. Let’s just say that the carpet behind my bedroom door will never be quite the same again
  • I made Ziv a maple & walnut cake - very tasty
  • And Court! If you recall from the UniGames post below, court is something we do at the Games before going out for the night. Gets you quite drunk. We had a blast doing court in my living room, & getting non-soccer people involved, but discovered it’s quite a dangerous thing to do at the end of the night.

Other things have happened too: Engineering Week, 2 Thanksgiving dinners, and a rather big seminar on Tuesday. Ziv and I had a bit of a falling out earlier this week, but things are back to normal now. Phew! And hopefully the next post you read will be from Sue!

Ziv’s Back!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Hooray! Ziv arrived back from China today! We went to the beach, and did laundry, and talked and talked and talked. And tonight we’ll have spaghetti tofunaise and maybe watch some BL and talk and talk and talk some more.

Happy smile of contentment. Ahhhhhh.