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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

It was bound to happen some time. I’ve added a links section on the side role now titled “Procrastination!” There’s not too much in it yet, just some comics and some cutesy sites related to Alice in Wonderland and Anne of Green Gables, but a fun way to pass the time.

In other news, I did the City2Surf on the weekend. You can see a video of Ziv and I finishing here. Make sure it’s on camera one. Look for people finishing to the right of the screen: you’ll see a guy in a yellow t-shirt (Ziv) followed by a girl in an orange t-shirt a few meters later (me!)

I also went to an AFL game on the weekend with Johnson and Chris and some other guys from the Centre. At half time the teams took a 20 minute break, and these little girls came on to play some short games for our entertainment. It was kinda weird to see 5 year old girls playing a sport that we’d just seen players leaving the field bleeding as a result of playing. I thought we were about to see some kindergartener-on-kindergartener destruction, but they ended up playing non-contact. Still bizarre to watch.

And a final snake story…

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

So last Thursday I started babysitting for the Crowe’s again. I biked back to school afterwards to pick up my soccer gear from the office before heading off to practice. When I got to the Scientia building it smelled like burnt matches and there were a bunch of fire trucks parked outside. Around at the other side of the building a bunch of fire fighters were hosing down a giant pile of cardboard that used to be the giant snake in the post a few below this one. And so the giant cardboard snake fiasco ended with one last scandalous twitch. May it rest in peace.